Our activities vary each month at Play House Childcare Center.  We love creating monthly themes that teach your child new things about the world around them.  For example, our jungle-themed activity month created opportunities for our children to read and listen to books about animals and to participate in activities to teach them about life in the jungle.  Our activities included paint, draw, color, and mask making for their favorite jungle animals.  During free play of jungle-themed month, our children dressed up for pretend time to learn about their favorite animal. 

Teaching with themes each month shows our children new adventures about different parts of the world.  It also provides us an opportunity to learn more about your child’s interests which in turn creates lessons about the things they love!

This is just one example of our many themed activities.

While dressing up and pretending are essential to a child’s imagination and creativity, we also emphasize and work on learning numbers, letters, colors, money and enjoy story time!